D Piano Chord: Learn In 1 Minute

In this piano lesson we’re going to quickly learn how to play a D piano chord. This is part 3 in a 12 part series of free beginner piano lessons that teach you how to play all 12 major chords on the piano.

I’ve got a video tutorial, notation, a piano diagram, and some fingering tips for you too.) Let’s get started!

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Now, let’s learn the D major chord!

D Piano Chord Video Tutorial

Here’s a short video showing you how to play D major on the piano. Take a quick second a watch the demonstration.


D Piano Chord Diagram

Being able to visualize the piano is very helpful. So, after you watch the video you can check out this additional diagram to help you learn D major. looks like. The highlighted green notes are the notes in D major. You should always remember that D is 2 white notes on the outside and a black note in the middle.

(As a point of reference middle C is the note all the way on the left.)

D piano chord


Fingering For The D Piano Chord

It’s important that you use the correct fingers while learning piano chords. This will help you build a tactile memory so your body remembers the feeling of playing the D chord.

Always remember:

  • The thumb is called finger #1 in both the left and right hands.
  • Your middle finger is finger number #3 in both the left and right hands.
  • Your pinky is called finger number 5 ((this is true for both hands)

To get you started playing this chord use your thumb, middle finger, and pinky (fingers 1,3,5) in both your left and right hands. 

How To Practice

Really spend sometime memorizing the D piano chord. You should practice enough where you can sit down and grab it instantly without hesitation. I recommend you also try throwing it into a song. Applying chords to songs is a great way to learn piano chords quickly! You can start by playing this Amazing Grace Piano Arrangement.


This is part 3 in this series of a 12 part series. I hope you’re finding enjoying these easy piano chords tutorials. Please keep checking back on the site to see the new lessons as soon as they’re posted. As a reminder the link for the other 3 piano lessons in this series can be found above.

Have fun practicing till then. Make great music and I’ll see you soon!



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    Are there more tutorials or music sheets on other piano pieces as its so easy following you

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