Eb Piano Chord: Learn In 1 Minute

If you want to learn how to play an Eb piano chord you’ve come to the right place. In this free beginner piano lesson I’m going to quickly teach you this useful major chord. Let’s get started learning the Eb piano chord right now (video, chord chart, and tips below.)

Eb Piano Chord Video Lesson

Why not take 1 minute and watch this video piano lesson. I’ll show you how to play the Eb piano chord and I’ll also show you how to easily locate all the notes on the piano. I’ll also include tips to help you learn this chord and other chords below.

Fingering For The Eb Piano Chord

I recommend you use fingers 1, 3, and 5 in both your left and right hands while first learning this chord. Always remember that your thumbs in both hand are called finger number 1. So, your middle fingers are finger number 3 and your pinkies are finger number 5.

Try to be consistent and use the same fingering over and over when first learning this chord. It will help you learn the feel and develop your muscle memory very quickly!

Eb Piano Chord Diagram

Here’s a diagram of the way Eb looks on the piano. The tan colored notes are the notes you will play. For your reference middle C is the white note all the way on the left. Being able to visualize a new chord shape is very important part of learning. So, hopefully this little piano diagram will also help you learn! 🙂

Eb piano chord

Practice Suggestions For The Eb Piano Chord

It’s important that you practice this chord enough times in both hands that you can quickly play it without any hesitation. I’ve found that repetition is the mother of all learning.

The brain learns music the best by repeated exposure to patterns. Additionally, your tactile memory (the memory involved with your body remembering motions) requires repetition. This is one of the most fundamental concepts of learning piano.

It’s also a very good idea to try and throw any new chord you learn into a song or a chord progression. Think of learning new chords as learning words in a new language and think of learning songs as learning sentence.

Although It’s important to learn new ‘words’ we must remember the ultimate goal is to be able to speak in ‘sentences’. So, try to apply any chords you learn to songs as quickly as you can.

More Major Piano Chords For You To Learn

This is the 4th piano lesson in a 12 part series where I teach you how to play all the major chords on piano. You can check out the links to the other lessons below:

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I’ll be adding the rest of the major chord lessons in this series soon. So, make sure you keep checking back on the site. If you’re more of an advanced musician you can also check out this lesson on how to play variations on your major piano chords using the 9th.


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