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Ever wanted to play the blues? Get ready to learn with these blues piano lessons!

Chord Theory: The Ultimate Guide to Piano Harmony

Chord theory is a musician’s best friend. Now, why exactly is that? It’s because it’s a system that helps you understand what chords you need to use in a given song. It also helps when playing whatever style of music you might encounter. Fortunately, the piano is a very visual instrument. This makes it very easy for…

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Chariot Piano Tutorial

Want to learn Gavin DeGraw’s opening Chariot piano riff? If so, you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to break down this killer blues rock riff. This is a great riff to learn if you love playing pop and rock. Today’s fun lesson will teach you how to play the intro riff to Chariot…

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Coming Soon

Thanks for your patience. We are working hard on creating the best piano lessons on the internet. Unfortunately, we don’t have this lesson up yet. Please check back soon!  In the meantime please pull up a chair and check out some of the other awesome piano lessons on the site!

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