Let It Be Piano Lesson

let it be pianoToday you’re going to dive into one of the most popular Beatles songs ever in this Let It Be piano tutorial!

In the video tutorial you’ll how to play the first section of Let It Be by the Beatles.

Together we’ll be walking through how to break down all 11 chord voicings in this section.

Also, you’ll learn how to play the classic melody that everybody knows and loves.

This is a beautiful tune. Once you learn this song, you’ll be able to pull it out and wow your audiences with this Beatles hit! So, let’s get started learning…

Let It Be Piano: Video Tutorial

Get started now! Watch as I break down the chords and melody.

Important note! Make sure that once you’ve finished watching this tutorial that you scroll down. Below are helpful tips so you can  learn Let It Be much faster.

Easy Tips So You Can Master This Tune!

let it be pianoTip #1: You’ll Need To Know These Little Guys!

In the first section of this Let It Be piano tutorial you’re going to have to familiarize yourself with 11 different chord voicings!

These are chords that you’ve seen before with some groovy variations thrown in at times.

Let’s go through each one together.

Chord #1 – (C chord) – Left Hand: (C G C) Right Hand: (E G)

Chord #2 – (G chord) – Left Hand: (G D) Right Hand: (G, C&D)

Chord #3 – (Am chord) – Left Hand: (A E) Right Hand: (A C E)

Chord #4 – (F chord) – Left Hand: (F C) Right Hand: (A, D&C)

Chord #5 – (C chord) – Left Hand: (C G C) Right Hand: (G C E)

Chord #6 – (G chord) – Left Hand: (G D G) Right Hand: (B, E&D)

Chord #7 – (F chord) – Left Hand: (F C F) Right Hand: (A, D&C)

Chord #8 – (F chord – Left Hand: (F C F) Right Hand: (A C)

Chord #9 – (C/E chord) – Left Hand: (E) Right Hand: (G C E)

Chord #10 – (Dm chord) – Left Hand: (D D) Right Hand: (F A D)

Chord #11 – (C chord) – Left Hand: (C G C) Right Hand: (E G C)

Start familiarizing yourself with these chords.

Is there anything that you can pick up on right away from looking at these chords? Keep thinking as you jump into your next important tip.

let it be pianoTip #2: Some Important Observations About These Chords

For starters, notice that some of these chords have added harmony notes. These added notes are outside the basic chord.

For example, a basic G major chord is G-B-D. But, in chord #6 we see an E creep in there. This is just a cool little decoration technique to bring some extra spice into the chord.

Tip #3: Are You Playing The Right Chord Shapes?

Did you notice how some of the chords in this Let It Be piano tutorial are inverted? Did you pick up  the fact that some of these chord voicings are played in 1st and 2nd inversion?

If not, let’s break this down this together.

Ex. 1 – (Chord #5) – Right Hand (G C E) – (5th, root, 3rd)

  • This is a C chord alright, just a 2nd inversion.
  • (Chord #9) features this same inversion in the right hand.

Ex. 2 – (Chord #11) – Right Hand (E G C) – (3rd, 5th, root).

  • This is another C chord but this time in 1st inversion form.

Let’s keep moving forward.

let it be pianoTip #4 How To Play Rock Chord Shapes In The Left Hand

There is another huge clue that these chords are showing you. And it’s all in the left hand. Figure it out yet?

That’s right! All the chords you’re playing in your left hand are either just the root and 5th or just a single bass note.

The only exception to this observation is in (Chord #9).

This chord is special.

(Chord #9) is what’s known as a slash chord. You are playing your 2nd inversion C chord in your right hand. And your left hand is just playing E as your bass note.

Give this one a try. You’ll notice how adding that harmony note E in the bass adds extra flavor to the chord. Sounds great doesn’t it?

From here you have a great foundation to start your practice on. Make sure you’re practicing in small but daily regimens.

10 – 20 minute exercises everyday will benefit you far more than a 1 hour training session once every 2 weeks.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s next in line for you to explore…

let it be pianoWhere You Need To Take Your Piano Skills Next!

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