Let It Be Piano Chords Quick Tutorial

let it be piano chordsDo you want to learn how to play the Let It Be Piano chords? Well you’re in luck!

In today’s video tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to play the chords in the second section of Let It Be.

On top of learning the chords, you’re also going to learn how to play one of the most iconic melodies in pop music history.

This is a beautiful song to add into your playing library. It’s by far one of the most popular Beatles songs of all time.

So, once you learn this tune it’s an instant classic that you can pull out and impress your friends when you need it! Let’s jump in and start learning…

Let It Be Piano Chords: Video Tutorial

Welcome to your learning launchpad! Watch this video and discover how I break down the B Section for Let It Be.

Be sure to scroll down once you’ve finished watching this tutorial. Below are some more important tips so you can master this powerful tune!

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Master The Let It Be Piano Chords With These Powerful Tips

let it be piano chordsTip #1: Here Are The 9 Chords You Need To Know

Alright, I’m going to make it easy for you. Ready?

In this section of the song there are 9 different chord voicings.

Let’s break down these Let It Be piano chords together.

Chord #1 – (Am chord) – Left Hand: (A E A) Right Hand: C

Chord #2 – (F chord) – Left Hand: (F C A) Right Hand: C

Chord #3 – (C chord) – Left Hand: (C G E) Right Hand: E

Chord #4 – (C chord) – Left Hand: (C G E) Right Hand: (C E)

Chord #5 – (G chord) – Left Hand: (G D G) Right Hand: (B, E&D)

Chord #6 – (F chord) – Left Hand: (F C F) Right Hand: (A C)

Chord #7 – (C/E chord) – Left Hand: (E) Right Hand: (G C E)

Chord #8 – (Dm chord) – Left Hand: (D D) Right Hand: (F A D)

Chord #9 – (C chord) – Left Hand: (C G C) Right Hand: (E G C)

Now that you have all the let it be piano chords written out you’ll notice that in your left hand you’re playing a lot of triads, 2 note chords, and single bass notes.

This is different than the first section of the song where you were just playing 2 note chords and single bass notes.

let it be piano chordsLet’s take an even closer look at some of these left hand shapes and chord variations.

Ex. 1 – (Chord #2) – Left Hand – (F C A)

  • This is a an F chord with a slight variation to the voicing.
  • Your basic F chord is voiced (F A C) – (root, 3rd, 5th).
  • So, to build the chord in this example all you’ll do here is move your third to the top. Your 5th becomes your middle note.
  • Once you move your 3rd to the top (F A C) becomes (F C A) – (root, 5th, 3rd).

Ex. 2 – (Chord #3) and (Chord #4) also feature this voicing technique.

  • These are both C chords with the same voicing variation.
  • Your standard C chord is voiced (C E G) – (root, 3rd, 5th).
  • Move your 3rd to the top of the chord.

Now that you’ve moved the 3rd to the top (C E G) becomes (C G E) – (root, 5th, 3rd)

You’re playing standard chords but simply shifting the 3rd voicing to the top. You’ll notice how the chords takes on some added character with these voicing variations.

You should try this voicing technique with some chords in your own tunes! This is a good practice exercise to get you thinking about how you can expand your chord arrangements!

Now, if you’re having trouble with the fingering of these large shape chords you can just play your standard triads and get the same result. You can always refer back to the video for a demonstration of how to do this.

If you have larger hands definitely try the larger spaced chords.

Now, let’s dive into some great melody tips you’ll need to learn so you can master this tune!

let it be piano chordsHow To Master The Melody Of This Tune

Tip #2: You’re Going To Have To Know These Melody Cues…

First listen through the tune several times. While you’re listening, really hone in on how the melody is carrying your chord progression throughout.

Pay special attention to how each melody note you resolve to is then a chord tone of the next chord in the progression.

Ex 1. Start with your first melody note E. From E, walk down to D and then to C.

  • C is the 5th of your first Am chord.

Ex 2. Look at how the melody walks you to your next F chord.

  • Once you play your Am chord the melody in your right hand walks up form C.
  • The melody notes in your right hand go E_G_A
  • Right after you come in on that A note your left hand plays a single G bass note.
  • Now your melody walks down and resolves to the 3rd of your F chord.
  • The melody notes after A are G_G_D_ resolving to C.

Now, let’s make sure you’re using the proper hand technique so you can master these chords and melody notes…

let it be piano chordsTip #3: One Secret For Building Better Rhythm Skills.

Often times rhythmic issues can come from using bad fingering or placing your hands in an awkward way on the piano. So, let’s take a second a second and talk about good hand technique.

Let’s take a closer look at just your left hand. Watch how I play through the chords in the video.

You’ll notice that I never use my 2nd and 3rd finger for any of the chords.

Even more noticeable is the relationship between the 1st and 5th fingers.

Sometimes you’re holding your 1st or 5th finger down while you recenter your hand. This allows you to easily move into your next chord using the proper fingers.

Important note! Proper hand technique is vital for keeping rhythm in a tune.

If you catch yourself having rhythm issues you can bet that you’re trying to force some fingers somewhere they shouldn’t be.

It’s time to put this all together and start practicing!

let it be piano chordsWhat’s Next On Your Piano Playing Agenda?

My passion is to help you become an amazing pianist.

Learning these Let It Be Piano Chords and melody notes is just a taste of all that this site has in store for you!

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