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chain breaker tutorialWant a free Chain Breaker tutorial? This is the place to be!

In today’s video Andrew will teach you how to play an awesome solo piano version of Chain Breaker.

You’ll get a handle of this wonderful song’s verse and chorus as soon as you go at it step by step.

Get started with this Chainbreaker tutorial by taking a few minutes to watch the video below.

Chain Breaker Tutorial Video

Then scroll down to grab more tips on the chords and melody.

Chain Breaker Tutorial Chords

To get you started in getting Chain Breaker under your fingers, let’s get started with learning the Chain Breaker chords. Check out the lyric and chords below:

Verse 1:


If you’ve been walking the same old road for miles and miles


If you’ve been hearing the same old voice tell the same old lies


If you’re trying to fill the same old holes inside

                 F                                                G

There’s a better life, there’s a better life



If you’ve got pain, He’s a pain taker

                    G                          C

If you feel lost, He’s a way maker

                    Am7                                                               F

If you need freedom or saving, He’s a prison-shaking Savior

                   G                                  C

If you got chains, He’s a chain breaker

How To Master This Chain Breaker Tutorial

chain breaker tutorialDo you know how simple it is really to learn how to play Chain Breaker? You only need to learn four chords!

These chords are C, G, Am7, and F.

Learning a four-chord song like Chain Breaker is awesome! It’s simple yet it can sound so rich.

These chords are really simple to play on the piano. To get even better results, watch the video above once more.

Have you noticed something about how Andrew plays in the Chain Breaker tutorial? Not only does Andrew use the chords to accompany himself, the chords also form the melody! How awesome is that?

Two Birds with One Stone

chain breaker tutorialBy just learning the chords, you’re already well on your way to even learning the melody! It’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Now, when we talk about the chords in this Chain Breaker tutorial, we also come across chord progressions.

There are recognizable patterns here: a slight variant of the classic I – vi – IV – V for the verse, and the really popular I – V – vi – IV.

By the way, we also have a a I – vi – IV – V Piano Tutorial that will help you learn more about this famous chord progression.

You can also learn more about overall chords patterns by checking out our good chord progressions lesson.

Now that we got the chords and melody through Andrew’s guidance in the video, let’s get some more tips in so that you can really master this awesome song.

Ten Tips To Help You Master This Chain Breaker Tutorial

1. How To Learn the Rhythms of Chain Breaker

chain breaker tutorialGet the most out of learning Chain Breaker by listening to the Zach Williams recording multiple times.

While listening, try this fun exercise that even children will enjoy: tap your foot and clap along!

Tapping your foot as well as clapping along Chain Breaker helps you get a sense of the pulse of the song.

This will lead you to understand they rhythmic patterns that make Chain Breaker such an awesome song.

2. Getting that Melodic Edge For Yourself

chain breaker tutorialNow it’s time to do the fan thing: Sing along to Chain Breaker! By doing so, you will be able to get the rhythm of the melody down.

When you sing along the song, try your best to sing in tune. It really doesn’t matter if you’re awesome in singing or not.

What’s important when singing the tune is to be able to sing Chain Breaker in the correct pitch.

Singing the song helps you learn the rhythm and the notes of the melody by ear. Learning this way helps you learn Chain Breaker on the piano faster. This is because it will help you “hear” the song inside your mind. 

Once you get the hang of singing Chain Breaker, let’s go to the piano this time.

3. Learn the Melody of the Verse with Your Right Hand

chain breaker tutorialNow that you know the melody in this Chain Breaker tutorial, it’s time that we apply that to the piano.

Let’s start first with working out the melody with your right hand.

You can go back to the video and follow Andrew’s instruction to try and learn the melody, starting with the verse.

You need to get the melody down correct so remember to practice slowly.

Have you noticed that the right hand melody completes the chord with your left hand? This is why you need to learn the right hand melody of Chain Breaker perfectly.

chain breaker tutorialIt is very important that you learn your melody against a metronome or a backing track.

Also tap your foot along to the beat while working on it.

This is the same approach we use when learning other songs. Check out our Hey Jude Piano lesson.

Also try working on What a Friend We Have in Jesus tutorial as another example.

3. Learn the Chords of the Verse with Your Left Hand

chain breaker tutorialMost of the time, Andrew is playing the root and the fifth of the chords of Chain Breaker with his left hand. He completes the chord with other notes from the right hand melody.

To better understand what makes up a chord, check out our really awesome Chord Theory tutorial.

5.  Practice Playing the Verse Hands Together

chain breaker tutorialAfter practicing how to play Chain Breaker hands separate, it’s time to put both hands together. Remember to always try this first slowly against a manageable tempo.

Once you got it at a slow tempo, you can speed up gradually until you reach the actual song’s tempo.

6. How To Master the Chorus Melody

chain breaker tutorialSame thing as the verse, learn the melody and chords of the chorus with your right hand.

Remember to go at it slowly at first, as seen in Andrew’s Chain Breaker tutorial video.

Once you get confident with it, move on with the left hand.

7. The Way to Build Up the Chorus

chain breaker tutorialThe left hand parts for the chorus are a little bit different here than in the verse for Chain Breaker. There are times when the left hand plays a simple bass line instead of chords.

Most of the time, Andrew plays the root and the fifth of the chord for the bass line.

Work on the left hand part against a slow tempo at first then gradually speed up. Once you have that solid, it’s time to put both hands together.

8. It’s Time That You Put It All Together

chain breaker tutorialJust go ahead and do the same thing as you did with the verse. Practice playing the Chain Breaker chorus with both hands.

Practice slowly at first, and then gradually speed up to the tempo of the song.

Since the song’s originally tempo is just around medium, you’ll get up to speed in no time.

We have two more tips in store for you to really master this Chain Breaker tutorial. Here we go!

9. How To Get That Awesome Melodic Foundation

chain breaker tutorialThe melody of Chain Breaker is mostly based on the major pentatonic scale.

Mastering this simple, five-note scale will make it easy for you to work around this song’s melody.

Guess what! Getting the major pentatonic scale in shape will also help you master other songs as well.

Check out this cool pentatonic scale lesson to raise your chops to the next level.

10. Dealing With The Difficult Sections

chain breaker tutorialLearning a song is like building a house. When you build a house you’re putting it together 1 brick at a time or 1 piece at a time.

Our Chain Breaker tutorial presents you with the same approach.

You need to learn each section individually at first then you put them together.

I would suggest what’s called a whole-part-whole approach to practicing. For example, try playing the verse entirely. Take note of places where it is difficult.

Once where you see those tricky areas are, focus on working on those to perfection. Do it one part at a time. Keep repeating that small section without mistake in a slow tempo.

After a number of repetitions, you will be able to master that tricky section. Once you’ve mastered it, try playing the verse as a whole again. Just repeat the process until you’ve ironed out all mistakes.

Next Steps After The Chain Breaker Tutorial

chain breaker tutorialDid you enjoy this awesome Chain Breaker tutorial? Do you have questions or comments? 

We always love hearing from you, so please leave your comments below.

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