Plush Chords Tutorial

plush chordsIn today’s tutorial we’re going to learn how to play the Plush chords and intro riff.

This is a classic Stone Temple Pilot’s song and a fun 90’s tune to learn.

We’re not only going to learn the Plush chords and riff but we’re also going to learn how to play a bunch of cool fills in between.

This is a fantastic addition to add into your lick library. Who doesn’t want to know how to rock like the Stone Temple Pilots? So, let’s get started learning!

Plush Chords Tutorial: Video Tutorial

Getting started is as easy as watching this 3 minute video tutorial.

Make sure that once you’ve finished watching this tutorial that you continue to scroll down. Below are important tips you’re going to want to know to fast track your riff learning and piano skills.

6 Super Tips So You Can Crush The Plush Chords!

plush chordsTip #1: Here’s The Best Place To Start.

The best place to start when learning any new lick or piece of music is to know your key.

For Plush you’re going to be playing in the key of G Major…

Tip #2: What’s Your Next Step?

Now that you know your key, build your scale.

The G Major scale is written out like this: (G A B C D F# G)

Knowing how to build your major scales is a key component for opening doors in your piano knowledge.

If you really want to become a rockstar at building scales check out this piano major scales tutorial. It will quickly show you how to build and play your major scales in any key!

We’ll be going in and out of the major scale a little bit in the riff but having that Gmajor scale as your reference point will help you understand what’s going on.

Tip #3: Now, The Musical Part…

Now that you’ve figured out your key and the notes in the scale you can build your chords.

Lets take a look now at how to construct these chords. As you play through them notice how they have a great gospel ring to them.

1st Chord: (G5 or G power chord)

Left Hand (G G) – Right Hand (G D G)

2nd Chord: (Bb fully diminished)

Left Hand (Bb Bb) – Right Hand (Bb Db G)

3rd Chord: (C6 chord)

Left Hand (C C) – Right Hand (A C G)

4th Chord: (G chord)

Left Hand (G G) – Right Hand (G B G)

plush chordsMake sure you try each of these chords out and get them in your ears.

Getting your ears also involved in the learning process will help you add the next step into the riff.

Ready for it? Let’s go!

Tip #4: How To Figure Out Those Fills.

Now that you know your chords the only thing left to explore are the fills.

The first fill features a back and forth pattern between the left hand and right hand. I’m using sixteenth notes the whole time. Left hand, right hand, left hand right hand etc.

(Hint: I actually learned this pattern from studying drums and drum rudiments. It’s just a single note roll).

The second fill of this riff is much more straightforward. After you resolve to the G chord at the end of the phrase you’ll do a little half step walk from B to D. This is just 4 notes (B C, C#, and D).

Tip #5: How Are You Practicing?

A big mistake that many players make when trying to learn a new lick is to start out practicing at full speed. Slow it down first.

Your speed will naturally increase the more comfortable you become with the chord progression and fills.

Tip #6: This Is A Golden Tip To Speed Up Your Learning!

If you have the ability to record your practice sessions, absolutely do it!

You’ll be able to pick up on the lots of things you might not catch about how you sound when you’re playing.

Ok, now that you’re starting to get comfortable with the Plush chords what do you do next? Well, I’m glad you asked!

plush chordsWhere You Should Go From Here!

My passion is to help you grow your piano playing skills to the best of your potential! Today’s lesson is just a portion of all that this site has to offer you.

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No matter what, make sure you check back to the site frequently. We are posting new and exciting lessons for you regularly.

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Anyways, until next time enjoy your practice. If you have any questions or concerns about today’s lesson or the video tutorial above please leave your comments below.


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